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October 25, 2005

Jagger update - No Comment

Jagger Update

If you have'nt noticed already, Google has been very busy with its latest update. Named Jagger, the update has caused many webmasters to feel the wrong side of Algo blade with the result of their sites falling from grace.

What the update has changed no one can say just yet, but one thing for sure is its not over yet. Anyone who has been affected by this update is well advised to sit back and let it finish before making any alterations. The three stage update has been going on for the last week and is predicted to continue for another couple.

No Comment

Just a quick one. Because of the overwhelming spam problem the SEO Forum Watch has had recently, I've had to switch off the comment facility. Until I get around to finding a solution that allows genuine people to leave comments and stops automated spam, I have no other choice but switching it off.

Linking out to sites is something that needs to be overseen very carefully and a large number of this comment spam was linking to sites you would never allow. So for now, the feature is off. Sorry for inconveneance (or however you spell it).