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October 24, 2005

Web Design Manchester

Web Design Manchester is one of the keywords the Company I work for targets. We could have targeted the more popular term "web design" but found using pay per click services "web design manchester" yielded a much higher return on investment. This is because we're based in Manchester and companies are wanting to work with local businesses.

Going for web design manchester also contributes to the larger but less targeted phrase web design. Conducting a search on Yahoo for both phrases brings our website up in promanant positions, number 1 for web design manchester and number 14 for web design (24.10.2005).

When starting a new SEO campaign it is wise to use a similar technique when possible. In the early stages of the campaign while conducting your keyword research, try finding less competative keyword phrases that also contain the main keyword phrase. Some of these phrases may be more targeted than the main just like web design Manchester.

This will also help to bring traffic earlier in the campaign. Targeting the main keyword phrase will take longer to reach positions that receive clicks. Where as the less competative phrases are much easier to optimise to traffic generating positions.

Once you have reached the desired position for the less competative phrase simply move onto another e.g. web site design Manchester or Manchester web designers. After all sub phrases are complete start gunning for the main phrase.