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March 16, 2005

SE's Indexing Race

When MSN first launched its brand spanking new search engine many couldn’t believe how fast it was a crawling the web, indexing new pages far faster than any other search engine. I was seeing new pages being added to sites and 12 hours later; there they were in the MSN index. Pretty phenomenal most would say.

Not long after this many people started noticing a slow down in MSN Bot activity. So I thought it may be nice to conduct a quick little test to see who is winning the indexing race. A couple of days ago the Company who I work for started adding links to a site that is nearly completed in order to get the new site indexed. The site is a double glazing website and was not known to search engines before. So even though its not highly scientific as you can get lucky with these things and could add a link to the Double Glazing Company just as a Bot is making a visit but I thought it would fun anyway.

The Double Glazing Company search engine indexing race

So it goes like this, the race is to see what search engine out of Google, Yahoo and MSN manage to find and index the entire Double Glazing Company website. Which ever search engine fully indexes the site is deemed as the winner (sorry no prizes).

The results so far

Well so far after two days of having various links pointed at the Double Glazing Company, Google has managed to find and index one page and MSN has managed to find and index two pages. Google has only indexed the Double Glazing Company’s index page while MSN has indexed both the index page and the DIY Conservatory page. Unfortunately Yahoo! has not indexed anything(no surprise there), but this blog is quite popular with Yahoo and may well give the push it looks like its needs.
<21-03-2005> Latest Results
We Have a Winner

Since the last post, Google has dropped the Double Glazing Company from it's index. Then today it indexed every single page of the site. So we clearly have a winner and it's not MSN who has still only indexed the same two pages as above. When MSN first launched it was indexing the web at an incedible rate. It would seem that MSN Bot has eaten a hell of a lot of pages which has caused it to become an overweight Bot resulting in slow movement.

Yahoo! has still not even indexed one page so is clearly in last place but second place is still open. Will Yahoo! manage to out pace MSN to the post or will MSN complete the job it started last week.

More results coming as when and when they happen.