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February 24, 2005

VoiSpeed IP Phone System

Information optimisation using the VoiSpeed IP Phone System

While search engine optimisation is quite specific, the term optimisation is generic and can mean all kinds of things. One form of optimisation is information optimisation. Recently I have been playing with the VoiSpeed IP phone system which we recently switched over to at work. I have to say it is a great piece of kit and enables you to do all kinds of tasks.

VoiSpeed IP Phone System

Currently the VoiSpeed IP phone system isn’t that well known, which I think is a real shame as it isn’t just a viable alternative to the traditional business phone system, it is a far superior phone system. I have been testing its many features and some of them are an absolute dream. Here are just a couple of my favourite features so far (it would take me weeks to mention all of them).

Instant text messaging

This is probably the simplest feature on the phone but its one of those things that in a year’s time your wonder how you coped without. It just a pure and simple text facility, right click the mouse on someone’s icon who is logged onto the office phone system, select send text message and write away. The amount of time this has saved me from not having to go from one office to another is just great.

Voice mail box with a twist

The voice mail on the VoiSpeed phone system is just a little bit better than anything else I have used before. It works just like any other mail box, a call comes in, the receptionist forwards it to your extension for the caller to leave a message, and they record their message. But then, because this is the VoiSpeed IP phone system and it is software based and driven by your network, it automatically sends the message to you by email, ready for you to log into your email account from wherever you may be and listen to the message.

Anyway thought I would give you a break and something to read while churning through the directory list below.