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April 09, 2005

Domain Names & Website Hosting

Purchasing a domain name and finding good hosting is a must for anyone going online. Choosing where to purchase your domain and hosting is critical. I thought I would help by suggesting a great place to purchase cheap domain names and website hosting. The Lycos shop is very cheap and provides a great service, there is nothing worse than speaking to new clients who have requested me to conduct SEO only to find out the Company who they purchased their domain name from has registered it to themselves will not hand it over. It still amazes me how often this happens and lets face they have got you by the short and curlys, after already investing in advertising, business cards, brochures etc. most people can't afford to start their website all over again with a new domain.

Owning your domain name is very important and using a credible service that gives you full control is a must. This why I thought I would make this post and let you know where I personaly think is the best place to go to register your domain name and purchase hosting. The Company I work for can provide the same service but selling a domain at £1.99 for 12 months is something we cannot beat. So unless you don't mind paying a couple of quid more to support a UK Domain Registry Company, visit the Lycos shop