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January 12, 2005

Google Adwords Pay Per Click Service

Google's New Ad Policy to Affect Affiliate Marketers, A few days a go I read that rumours were going round the blogsphere that the heavy weight of search was introducing changes to their Adwords program.

The short of it is that Google will now only allow one advertiser to use its pay per click service (Google Adwords) per URL. This will impact the affiliate marketing sector the greatest and and could also cause some companies to dropped from Google Adwords whilst an affiliate is still allowed to advertise or vice a versa. Google will determine the right Advert to show by the amount of £££'s the advertiser is willing to pay per click and the click through rate. So if an affiliate out bids the main site and gains a better click through rate, their advert will be shown instead of the actual site owner’s advert. Reading a few other sources, some people are already predicting that websites that relied heavily on affiliate marketing may start producing unique websites for each of their affiliates to by pass the new rules.