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December 14, 2004

Best Cristmas Sales

Best Online Christmas Sales Ever, Good News For Web Design & Internet Marketing Companies

Last week it was announced that Christmas sales had dropped on the high street but online sales had risen by a massive 63% compared to last years figures.

The increase has been due to the higher levels of comfort online shoppers experience compared to battling with traffic jams, busy shops and higher prices. With the Internet gaining in popularity daily we should eventually see online sales overtake that of the high street. If you do not a website at present you have already missed out on a large share of this market, surely it is time to contact a web design and Internet Marketing Company.

With this in mind the year 2005 has already been ear marked to see a dramatic increase in companies going online. This will be good news to some Companies (Internet Marketing & Web Design) and bad news for others (more competition).
From an Internet Marketing & Web Design perspective

At present the Internet is already a crowded place with Google containing an index of over eight billion web pages; any websites joining the battle for the top spot are going to be up against it. Unfortunately for a lot of companies new to this medium they will expect to have a successful website just by having one created, whereas anyone familiar with the Internet will now how difficult it is to turn a baron stats report into a thriving list of unique IP’s. Obtaining a high level of how Internet Marketing works and the best practices involved will be an up hill struggle with many lessons to be learned. One thing for sure is the year 2005 will be a great one web design and Internet Marketing companies.