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December 11, 2004

A New Direction

Last night I was having a drink with my brother who had come around after work. After the drink had been flowing for a while we got to the topic of the SEO Forum Watch and I was trying to explain what I wanted to create when it become quite apparent that I was unclear my self as to what the SEO Forum Watch is. OK it focuses on information gathered from SEO Forums but what was its objective?

That night while laying in bed I was thinking hard about this and then it came to me, SEO is a contested subject and no matter how well one could try and write for all the differing views you are always going to write a statement that conflicts with someone else’s. So what if I just covered each article without siding with any one view, ultimately the person reading the blog will decide for them self which view point they agree with, this could be made easier for them to do so if I write in an un-biased fashion.

From hear on the SEO Forum Watch will be trying to achieve this goal of presenting information and facts but without casting an opinion leaving you to decide for yourself. The only time I will offer my own views is in the comments section underneath the main post if asked to do so. If you have any comments about this post please make them underneath, I personally answer every comment and will take on-board your views after all this is your SEO blog!