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December 06, 2004

How to view PR (pagerank) - Viewing PR is one of the latest threads at the Webmaster-Talk Forums. A poster wanted to know how to view their websites PR (pagerank).

It may seem like a simple little thing to all of you pro's but I beleive that this is the kind of question when forums are at their best. The thread gained a few responces sayting to use the Goolgle toolbar and couple of others sugested using a number of SEO tools to look up the PR.

One thing you should remember is that PR displayed on the Toolbar is only an old estimate and is not the actual true PR of a site. Whether the persuit of this little green bar is worth it or not can only be answered by the person who is asking the question. Just ask yourself whats more valuble to your users, a bigger site with more useful content or slightly longer little green bar!