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November 11, 2004

MSN search engine rollout expected

Today I was reading The Seattle Times: Business & Technology News and would seem that MSN (Microsoft) may be launching there new search engine. MSN are currently using Yahoo to power there search results but have had a preveiw of there new search engine online for some time. They are having a press release some time today and most people are expecting them to say that their rolling out there new engine earlier than expected. So what will the new Microsoft search engine mean for webmasters? I have been able to test a version of it some time ago whether it was the final version or not I could not say but it is very clean looking and I must say that I quite like it. Our websites where ranking very strongly so some kind of link anaysis must be being used.

What does it mean for Google? Well I'm sure that Google will be keeping a keen eye on this as it has been in the planning for some time and the whole purpose of the new search engine is to out perform Google. With Google's current state of providing not so relavent results, hopefully it will out perform them. In recent times my own view of Google results has gone done a fair amount and I consider them to be more of a portal/directory search engine. In other words Google is great if want to find a portal or a directory but if your just looking for information or relavent websites your probably going to have find a portal first.

Posted by James Anderson from Podium Solutions search engine optimisation consultancy