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November 03, 2004

Free links and how to get them

On Webworkshop a well known poster by the name of William C started a thread about SEO Forum - Free links and how to get them. Will had come across an article about building a network of free websites in order to obtain huge amounts of relevant backlinks (read the full article).

I had thought about using this technique some time ago but decided it was not ethical and could result in being penalised. The thread caught the attention of a lot of users and a long discussion developed focusing on how use the technique but not be penalised.

The general idea is to use free hosting providers to publish a newtwork of on-topic free websites, interlink them in a fashion that will go unnoticed and to point thousands of anchor text rich links to your main website like SEO Consultants. The way you link the network together is incredibly important and should be done in way that will not trigger filters by using a circular linking stratergy. I would use a triangle linking stratergy as follows.

We will call your main site No. 1 and all the free sites

The idea is that site no. 1 is linked to by all the others and all the others are linked to each other but in a circular fashion (creating one way linking).

Create triangular linking, site 2 links to 3 links to 4 links back to 2 (triangle)

Sites 2,3,4 all link to 1

Now create another set with 5,6 and 7, link them back to 1.

Do this several times so you have a number of triangle networks around your main site.

Now you can create sub networks by adding another triangle starting at each of the free sites above and linking back to where it started.

Site 2 links to 50 links to 51 links back to 2.

After you have created all the triangle networks you can further link them together but don't over do it and remember to always have more links pointing out other than your main site.

This linking stratergy will help all the sites to get indexed and also pass PR through the network and your main site. Take note, if Google found you using this method they would surely take action and I personally would not use it, instead using a small amount of sites like this blog to actually produce something worthy to the web and have a link at the bottom of each page so users know who writes the SEO Forum Blog.

Don't get me wrong, this method will work and drastically improve your rankings, especially if make each micro site worthy with good content and conduct a linking campaign to obtain links from outside of the network. I just feel that it is cheating and un-ethical.

Article wrote by James Anderson who works for Podium Solutions Limited a Manchester website design and search engine optimisation company