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October 19, 2004

Title tags where and how to use them

Title tags are the most important part of your on-page optimisation or website copywriting. Targeting the wright keywords in your title tag will drasticly improve your rankings. On Highrankings forum a poster wanted to know what the best way was to go about this with their real estate website, only thing was they only wanted use one to target a number of keywords. Read the full article here Title Tags - High Rankings Search Engine Optimization Forum. Choosing keywords is part of on-page optimisation and is sometimes called website copywriting. A good website copywriting campaign can improve your rankings dramitcly


This is a very interesting article about what can happen to sites exploiting site wide links. JOE BOB'S BLOOP Theory posted on SEO Chat goes into some detail about the pitfalls of having links from all pages of another site. To me this brings up the question, could you target a competitors site and trigger BLOOP filter to penalise their rankings. Surely Google would not allow this to happen but there again may be they do!

Posted by James Anderson - Podium Solutions specialist SEO promotion company

Blog Resources - Useful blogs, tools and internet marketing links

Here are a collection of useful resources for your use

The blog Search Engine is a web search resource for finding weblogs. Search for blogs of all kinds. Own a blog? Then please submit it to the blog Search Engine.

Listed on Blogwise

Web Ad.vantage e-Marketing Web Ad.vantage is a full service Internet marketing, advertising, and public relations firm. Sign up for our award winning e-mail Internet marketing tips today!

Posted by James Anderson - Podium Solutions specialist SEO promotion company

Blogarama - The Blog Directory is a good resource with a large directory to submit your blog.

The Blog Directory Does exactly what says on the tin.

SEO Directory - A directory of resources for search engine optimization, design, and related computer technology.

SEO forum list

Here is a list of the leading search engine optimisation forums

  1. SEO Chat - SEO Chat is a massive search engine optimisation forum with a large user base of everyone from your newbie first time user to the expert SEO profesional
  2. HighRankings - Highrankings is a large SEO forum moderated by Jill Whalen who has been involved in SEO for years. Jill has also wrote her own book on the art of website copywriting.
  3. WebWorkShop - WebWorkShop is one of the largest SEO forums on the web and is full of usful discussions on search engine optimisation.
  4. SEO-Guy - SEO-Guy is another large search engine optimisation forum with a large amount of information.
  5. JimWorld - JimWorld is one of the oldest SEO Forums on the web. With a large user list and expert advice, it is a great forum to further knowlegde of SEO.
  6. Webmaster -Talk - Webmaster-Talk is a anything webmaster forum and contains good information and discussions about web design, hosting and SEO. It is also the most friendly forum I have ever used.
  7. Webmaster Shed - New webmaster forum that needs memebers please sign up!

These are just a handfull of the SEO forums available on the web and all contain good information. Posted by James Anderson - Podium Solutions specialist SEO promotion company

Welcome to the SEO Forum Watch

Welcome to the SEO Forum Watch.

With so many search engine optimisation (SEO) forums on the World Wide Web to choose from, I decided to start the SEO Forum Watch. The purpose of the forum is to have one place that contains the latest hot topics that are being discussed on the expert SEO forums so you don't have to spend hours crawling through the many posts.

I work as an SEO Consultant for Podium Solutions in Manchester (UK). Because of my job I use SEO forums every day to keep an eye on this complex industry and I will be posting all the best discussions on this blog for your own use.

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