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December 10, 2004

SEO Forum - sandbox, interesting chat

Google Sandbox
Well I have been out of work for the last few days with a lovely Bug but am now back and have been catching up on some of the threads. At SEO Forum - sandbox, interesting chat is a great thread about the sanbox and what it could be (or what it is not to be more precise).

Here you will find a great discussion focusing on sanbox conspiracy. There are many differing ideas about what the sanbox is and how it works yet Google are still denying its existence. My own personal view is their is more than one sanbox type filter Google are using with varying effects depending on the topic of your site. Over the last few years Google have been trying to introduce measures to stop webmasters from being able to influence results, one of best ways would be to use confusion.

Confusing the SEO

If Google uses a different algo and filter set for several market sectors it would lead to confusion, increasing the difficulty of SEO companies conducting search engine optimisation for more than one market sector. Using the techniques that worked on one site would not work as well for others or even not at all. I have no evidence of this but it would seem like a natural road to go down considering that not all market sectors are the same and operate in the same manner. We all ready know that PR is working in a similar manner so it does make sense otherwise how do they determine the weight distribution of PR in different sectors.