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November 04, 2004

Website Copywriting

Website copywriting

Seeing as this weblogs main topic is search engine optimisation I will be writing some articles now and then detailing some fundamental practices. This one focuses on website copywriting or on-page optimisation.

Website copywriting is all about tweaking the on-page parts of your website to further enhance its performance. There are some very simple things you can do to achieve this and I will be covering a few of them.


Your web pages titles are very important and most search engines give a lot of weight to the words that are included in it. This is where you’re most important keywords for each page should be going, remember to only target a few keywords for each page. The general rule here is the more words you add to your title the less weight each word will be given. Your title will also be displayed in the search engines results, so it pays to make them enticing to your target audience (a fundamental part of SEO).

Sub titles

Your sub titles (H1, H2, H3 tags…) also carry good weight. You should add your important keywords into these with an extra few less important ones the further down the H tags you get (H3 and lower). Always try to add a couple of good H2 tags to every web page on your website.

Highlighted Content

There has been some people say that this does not add any weight but if there is a chance, what the hell. My own personal feelings are that highlighting your keywords in bold text in the main body of your site does give extra weight and is a very basic website copywriting practice. If you think about it, it makes sense, any words that highlighted on a page are highlighted because they are an important aspect of the page. It would make sense for a search engine to use this fact to help it theme the web page.


Your content is the most important part of your website copywriting and it will directly influence sales which is the main aim of any professional search engine optimisation Consultant. A search engine optimisation Consultant who is good at website copywriting will focus more on the impact your content has on people and then tweak it for the search engines.

Your page needs to flow nicely and not read like it has just been keyword stuffed. Keyword density is nowhere near as important as it used to be but in some less competitive industries it can make a website rank well alone. Most people say a good keyword density of about 1 in 7 to 1 in 10 is perfect for most websites.

Just remember that off-page search engine optimisation can be made a lot easier by conducting good website copywriting.

Posted by James Anderson who works as a website copywriting consultant for Podium Solutions Limited