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November 16, 2004

Copyright Infringement Protection

Are you using Copyright infringement protection on your website?

You should be and it’s not that difficult.

I’m just wondering how many websites out there are having their content stolen each day without the owner knowing anything about it. Plagiarism is quite common on the internet and can be tackled effectively with using a few simple steps.

1. Add copyright notices to all of your web pages to enforce ownership of your work (©), this is normally placed at the bottom of each page.

2. Use a Plagiarism Banner on your web pages to deter would be plagiarists from stealing your content. This will strongly discourage anyone from trying to steal your work.

3. When you find a site using your content without prior permission, act swiftly. Most webmasters copy content because they are either incapable of creating something of an equal quality as your work or are simply too lazy to do it themselves, believing that they will never be caught. Sending the culprit an email or phoning in person normally comes as a bolt from the blue and is enough for them to remove the offending content.

Copyright infringement protection tools

You may be thinking this is all well and good but how do you know when someone is stealing your work without searching endless amounts of results in a feeble attempt to discover a culprit? This is where Copyscape's - Website Plagiarism Search comes into play.

Copyscape - Website Plagiarism Search is a tool that enables you to type in the URL of your page and it then conducts a search of the entire Google index using an API key and brings back all the results that seem to be using parts or all your content. It also can be used in conjunction with Google’s web alerts, to further enhance the service.

Six simple ways to take action on content theft

The first thing you should do is to try and find the sites contact details and send them a polite email requesting that they remove the offending material.

If there is no contact information use a whois look up to find out there details and contact them.

Contact the web host to inform them that there customer is committing an offence by using your content. This can also be found on the whois look up.

Send them a formal cease and desist letter to inform the offender that they must remove the offending material.

File a notice called the Digital Millenium Copyright Act (DMCA) infringement to the major search engines so the offending site can be removed from the search engines indexes.

Proving that your version of the content was first can be made by using the Internet Archive to show that your version was created before the offending site.

This is one of the Copyright Banners available at Copyscape

Content copyright protected by Copyscape website plagiarism search

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Posted by James Anderson from Podium Solutions Internet Marketing Company