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October 20, 2004

White Paper : The Classification of Search Engine Spam

Earlier today I made a post about using blogs to spam search engines. I thought while we on that subject it would be a good time to add a post that explains what spam is. The Classification of Search Engine Spam is a tricky subject and no one can really say what the search engines views are on this but with a little common sense we should be able to work it out. The above link takes you through to a white paper that explains the most common spam techniques used in SEO.

Google Quality Guidelines is a dedicated page that explains what it considers to be spam and the best way of creating your site to not be penalised. It is worth noting that Google takes the approach of not knowing you are using a spam technique is no excuse and as a webmaster it is your job to find out.

Follow Google's guidelines to the letter and should be OK and remember Google's share of search engine traffic is around 54% so having your site dropped from the index is a high price to pay.

By James Anderson who works for Podium Solutions Internet Consultants