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October 20, 2004

Using Bloggger to spam search engines Highrankings SEO forum

I was reading an article today and came across this link Using Blogger To Spam Anchor Text at High Rankings Search Engine Optimization Forum. The thread is about using blogs to point hundreds of links to your site to try and achieve higher rankings. A poster at the Highrankings forum called Haystack brought up a very good point "It's pretty bold to use a Google owned blogging application to set up an extensive blog based link farm".

If there are people using this technique to obtain high rankings they are certainly walking on a fine line that could result in being penalised. At the present time Google looks at weblogs favorably and puts good weight on them. In the thread it also discusses how much weight could be passed on from a large network of blogs. There would be some degree of weight passed on after all the network would be designed to have keyword rich anchor text links funneling all the way through the network and finally pointing to the target site. However if the network of blogs are only linked to each other and have no links coming in from outside of the network, the weight will not be as high.

If you want to exploit the weight given to weblogs there is good ways and bad ways of doing so. Try creating a blog that is so useful to the reader they would want to link to it (one way links) this will also mean that the reader will come back time and time again to read any new content. Only link to your site when it is in the readers interest to do so. A good way of doing this is to add a signature at the bottom of each post you make explaining who you are with a link to your site (Just like at the bottom of this page).

So should bloggers be worried about linking to their sites from their blog. If your blog is useful with useful information I don't see any problem with linking it to your site.

You can read the full thread and discuss it at High Rankings Search Engine Optimization Forum.

By James Anderson an SEO Consultant from Podium Solutions