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October 19, 2004

SEO forum list

Here is a list of the leading search engine optimisation forums

  1. SEO Chat - SEO Chat is a massive search engine optimisation forum with a large user base of everyone from your newbie first time user to the expert SEO profesional
  2. HighRankings - Highrankings is a large SEO forum moderated by Jill Whalen who has been involved in SEO for years. Jill has also wrote her own book on the art of website copywriting.
  3. WebWorkShop - WebWorkShop is one of the largest SEO forums on the web and is full of usful discussions on search engine optimisation.
  4. SEO-Guy - SEO-Guy is another large search engine optimisation forum with a large amount of information.
  5. JimWorld - JimWorld is one of the oldest SEO Forums on the web. With a large user list and expert advice, it is a great forum to further knowlegde of SEO.
  6. Webmaster -Talk - Webmaster-Talk is a anything webmaster forum and contains good information and discussions about web design, hosting and SEO. It is also the most friendly forum I have ever used.
  7. Webmaster Shed - New webmaster forum that needs memebers please sign up!

These are just a handfull of the SEO forums available on the web and all contain good information. Posted by James Anderson - Podium Solutions specialist SEO promotion company